Plastics Printing

Thanks to Mirazed's know-how, your creativity occupies all available space when it comes to all types of plastics printing. With our expertise in injection moulding and thermoforming, we'll accompany you in rolling out your projects.

Printing for Injection Moulding

Printing for injection moulding consists of printing on a material that will then be placed inside the injection mould to meld with the injected product, thus forming a united whole. The result? A customized visual or identification fully integrated into the moulded part.


With thermoforming, we print directly on the plastic part, which will then be heated and moulded.


  • Benefit from our research and development service to carry out customized printing projects;
  • Save on costs by having your project designed and fabricated under the same roof;
  • Get a product that is custom made according to your needs.


  • Printing on recycled materials (ex: rubber mats)
  • Sports equipment crafted from thermoplastic material (TPO) (ex: snowshoes or crazy carpets)
  • Printing for moulding (In Mould Labeling) parts for recreational vehicles, toys, sports equipment, recycling/garbage bin identification