3D Conception

Imagine the display of your dreams and we'll create it for you! Using computer assisted design software (CAD), our team of experts will design and produce displays and kiosks according to your needs. Once your plan is approved, we make your design a reality. We furnish the structure's assembly and assembly drawing.


Save money by having your project designed and built in one place.

Quickly visualize the finished product with the help of our 3D software.

Maximize display impact by printing on all surfaces.

Stand out and create a "wow" effect by using an innovative product.

Obtain custom-made products according to your needs.

Models and demo products are made on-site using our cutting equipment in order to test the product and apply changes to the 3D plan.


2D creation

3D creation

Comprehensive design software

Dimensions: no minimum or maximum

Lifespan: from a few weeks to a few years

Materials: cardboard, styrene, ABS, coroplast, wood, etc.

For all budget types


Merchandise displays

Displays with secondary products (ex: vertical blinds)

Consumer goods displays

Promotional product outfitting

3D promotional articles

Product support (ex: Chocolate bars, candy, potato chips)