If your product needs assembly or handling at its drop-off point arrival, we can take charge of its interior or exterior installation. In order to maintain remarkable results, our team of experts are able to take the project's eact measures before the start of production. By calling upon our seasoned installers for the setup of your printed materials, you will be optimizing their visual impact.


Take advantage of our national specialist network and benefit from an impeccable installation.

Entrust us with your project, from measurements to installation.


Installation anywhere in Canada

Ground level or high-up installation, multi-storey buildings

Methods for installing different media: ladder, platform, crane, etc.

Fast turnaround

Installation according to your schedule

Required permit management for physical installation (not responsible for sign permits of the premises)


Exterior banner installation

Temporary or permanent installation

Installation with platform service

Display installation

Application of stickers or flexible film (wrapping)

Window dressings