DymoFlex 3D Badges

DymoFlex is a unique and modern system that can transform traditional 2D logos and emblems into highly effective and decorative 3D badges.

Discover Canva Group’s High-Quality 3D Domed Decals & Labels

Canva Group’s own DymoFlex (Dynamic Molded Flexible Graphic) is the first of its kind in Canada. This patented eco-friendly technology creates multi-coloured badges with opaque, satin and glossy finishes and a chrome finish that has the appearance of polished or brushed metal.

With its ability to create a product with the finest details, DymoFlex uses the narrowest formed stroke width of any soft dimensional graphic badge technology available today.

Why DymoFlex is the perfect solution for your product identification?

How DymoFlex Works

These 3D pieces are individual free-standing components that can be produced in countless combinations of colours, textures and shapes with almost no limitation on size and dimension. DymoFlex badges can conform to contoured surfaces and are most often used on vehicles, equipment, appliances and furniture or as a unique advertising and promotion item.
DymoFlex badges meet the most critical requirements of the automotive and household appliance markets by being subjected to severe tests for weather resistance and QUV, extreme temperature and humidity resistance, salt spray testing, chemical resistance, environmental cycles and chipping tests.