Our expertise

At Mirazed, we put our skills and expertise to work to find a printing solution tailored to your needs. Meeting deadlines has been our top priority for over 20 years.

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Our expertise

At Mirazed, we put our skills and expertise to work to find a printing solution tailored to your needs. Meeting deadlines has been our top priority for over 20 years.

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What makes us stand out

Large-scale projects and complementary services

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Point-of-purchase (POP) promotional products

Our printing services include a wide variety of point-of-purchase items.

  • Displays
  • Roll-ups and free-standing banners (standee, Parapost, etc.)
  • Window graphics
  • Murals
  • Large format banners
  • Signage

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Lettering and promotional wraps

We do various types of lettering and promotional graphics, including vehicle wraps and wall murals.
Learn about the countless possibilities for your storefront, building and vehicles.

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Industrial printing

For over 20 years, Mirazed has specialized in high-volume industrial printing. We’ve built our reputation as atop supplier by delivering quality products on deadline.

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Discover our range of services

At Mirazed, we take care of everything—from A to Z.

Digital printing

Go for high-impact visuals that showcase your brand image and points of sale.

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Screen printing

We can print different components on our five- and six-colour printing presses, depending on your requirements. Since we custom-mix the ink, you can be certain that your printed components will be the exact colour you want.

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Design and computer graphics services

Mirazed is your printer of choice because we offer a wide range of services and products all under one roof. Our team of designers and computer graphics artists can help you through the project development process, from A to Z. We use cutting equipment to create product mock-ups and demos on site. That means we can test each product and apply any changes directly to the demo.

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Our secret is simple: we have the specialists and equipment we need to finish your projects, which means we can control the quality at every stage. Whether your project requires lamination, sewing, thermo-welding or grommet placement, every detail is methodically checked. We also produce original, innovative visuals. From digital table cutting to heat bending, assembly of 3D parts, laminating and die cutting, you can count on our finishing department to deliver a product that’s ready for installation.

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Save time and space by entrusting us with the custom packaging of your printed items
according to the specifics of each of your delivery points. We can consolidate materials printed by Mirazed and other suppliers into a single shipment. Each packet is carefully packaged based on the contents, size and weight. We guarantee that all contents will arrive at destination in perfect condition. When you trust us to produce and kit your products, you can be confident everything will be delivered to all locations in perfect condition with no shipping address errors, as promised.

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Storage and inventory management

High-volume printing can be extremely advantageous. Even if you don’t have the space to store the materials. Mirazed provides just-in-time (JIT) and kanban warehousing, inventory management, and delivery services. This combination of services is ideal for companies with regular needs based on annual consumption. You’ll save on storage costs and eliminate delays.

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Multi-point delivery

Trust the Mirazed team with your material deliveries—we’re known for our efficiency and competitive pricing. Mirazed distributes your custom-content materials from its warehouses to each of your delivery points on any day of the week, anywhere in the world. Join many growing companies in retail and other industries and enjoy the peace of mind our service brings.

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Why they chose Mirazed

It’s when things get tough that we discover how committed and professional our suppliers are. Great job!

Isabelle Lacasse, 100 % Détail inc

Everyone is very happy.

Congratulations to your team, and thanks for everything.

Francis Ouellet, Ogilvy Canada

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