Digital printing

Want to print a high-quality product with flexible quantity orders within tight deadlines? We provide you with a variety of digital printing equipment in order to meet all your demands and deadlines. All this at prices that are always competitive.


Print according to your needs and at a lower price.

Last minute project? With Mirazed, you will always meet your deadlines.

Regularly update your documents by periodically printing according to your deadlines.


Lots of on-site equipment to speed up delivery.

Different technologies at your disposal to help you respond to a large number of requests.

One-piece printing up to 495 cm (195") in width in order to avoid seams in the middle of the design.

Six-color press (Cyan, Magenta, Cyan light, Magenta light, Yellow, Black) for more vivid prints, in addition to a white ink for any additional specific needs your work requires.


Interior/exterior wrapping of buses

Interior subway signage



Floor stickers


Shopping center posters

Bus shelters


Acrylic displays

Contest boxes

Subway platform panels

Interior/exterior signage


Publicity magnets

Electrostatic displays