Screen printing

Want to print ultra precision colors on cardboard, stickers, vinyl, wood, paper, plastic, or any other surface? Mirazed specializes in varied material printing of different sizes and textures. Our 5 and 6-color presses will meet your requirements, whatever your project. The ink is custom prepared and mixed according to your needs in order to obtain the exact color desired.


Set yourself apart from the competition by printing what you want, on the surface of your choice.

Meet our research and development specialists to find the perfect solution to your needs.

Choose to apply a lacquer and/or the colors you desire (ex: gold, silver, phosphorescent, etc.) for an impeccable and personalized rendering, in an unlimited spectrum of possibilities that will respect your company's standards.

Special inks that react to cold, heat, and light will make your project stand out.

When you entrust us with your project, you can be assured that we will respect your delivery date.

Environmentally conscious, we systematically recycle our inks.


Six-color presses unique in Quebec

Five-color press for large formats

Monochrome presses

Variety of other presses

Very large format printing (up to 4.5 by 12 feet)


Molded/thermoformed parts

Subway car interior signage


Acrylic displays

Contest boxes

Long-lasting products with warranty

Bus shelters


Advertising magnets

Electrostatic signage

Subway platform signs



Floor stickers