Multi-Point Distribution

Have your promotional materials delivered anywhere by a team known for their efficiency.

Delivery with peace of mind

With Mirazed’s multipoint shipping service, your gear will be delivered on time to an unlimited number of drop-off points! Like many businesses in the retail industry, choose peace of mind by doing business with our delivery team.

Reduce your delivery times and costs by shipping your material directly from our warehouse to your drop-off points. Reduce the risk of handling errors by consolidating production, kitting and delivery, all in one place.

Flexible distribution

As your delivery times may vary from city to city, we deliver on different dates depending on your schedule and the distance to be traveled. Our multi-point distribution service is perfect for producing advertising campaigns for a chain of retailers, delivering a specific order to multiple customers, and managing delivery to your depot centers and sales force.

Multi-point distribution: services included

  • Delivery date management
  • On-demand shipment tracking
  • No size limits
  • Surplus storage

You always get more with Mirazed!

We provide services that will save you time and money so you can focus on what's most important!

Packaging and Kitting

Let us custom-package your products according to your specifications for each drop point.

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Storage and Inventory Management

Save time and labour by trusting us to manage your inventory.

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Multi-point Distribution

Have your promotional materials delivered to anywhere by our team known for its efficiency.

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