Roll-Up And Retractable Banner Printing

Looking for a way to attract the crowd’s attention at your next event or exhibition? Retractable banners (roll-ups) are an ideal choice! They’re a cost-effective way to increase your brand’s visibility, generate leads and boost sales.

An Essential, Customizable Promotional Tool!

Whether launching a new product, promoting a sale or simply displaying your logo, our retractable banners are the most cost-effective and efficient way to do it.

Roll-Up Banners

Size: 33.5″ x 78.75″

Roll-Up Banners

Size: 33.4375″ x 84.625″

Roll-Up Banners

Size: 33.5″ x 78.75″

Why Buy Your Roll-Ups From Mirazed, The #1 Supplier Of Identification To The Largest Chains?

With our retractable banners, you can create a powerful point-of-sale display that will help you attract customers and showcase your brand like never before.


Our banners are lightweight and easy to move.

Easy To Install

Take advantage of their simplicity and set up your presentations in record time!


Our banners are the most popular low-cost point-of-sale displays on the market.

Our Large-Format Roll-Up Models And Their Features

You’ll love our freestanding banners! They’re made from lightweight aluminum and come with a handy carry bag, so you can set them up quickly and take them down just as easily.

Have you chosen your favorite model? Order now!

A Quality That Makes All The Difference!

Our banners are printed on high-performance canvas, thicker than those used by the competition. This material guarantees the durability of your promotions and prevents the sides of your prints from curling!

Where And When To Use Retractable Banners?

Would you like to take part in corporate events that showcase your brand and products? The roll-up is the perfect tool to bring with you!

  • Trade shows
  • In-store presentations
  • Promotional events
  • Conferences

Your Ultimate Promotional Accessory!

Our retractable banners are the ideal solution for promoting your brand indoors.

They can also be used as permanent displays that can be easily moved to suit your seasonal layouts.