Mirazed is one of Quebec’s largest specialized printing shops. Passionate about colours, willing to push the envelope and always on the lookout for better solutions, our team is proud to present its achievements thus far.

Using leading edge technology and a team of seasoned professionals, our printing projects stand out due to their quality and precision.

To appreciate the extent of our work, take a look around. From advertisement on and inside buildings, buses and shopping centers to streamers, decals on vehicles or any other presentation system, there is sure to be a touch of Mirazed in your surroundings!

Making a Great Impression:

Since images must catch the eye and spark the imagination, we have always made colour a priority. Whether you are planning a screen or digital printing project, we have the resources needed to generate the largest and most colourful results.

Our mission:

Fulfill all of your requirements.

Our goals:

Create and produce unique and personalized products in order to…

  • heighten your visibility
  • stimulate your sales
  • increase the value of your products and brand