Vehicle Wraps and Decals

Display your brand with professional commercial vehicle wraps and decals.

Commercial Vehicle Wraps and Decals Solutions

Commercial vehicle wrapping involves applying vinyl wrap to cars, vans, trucks, trailers, food trucks and utility vehicles as mobile advertising. Wrapped vehicles turn into 24/7 advertising for your business. Whether they are on the highway or parked on a boulevard, they will promote your company message and logo to your potential customers during their daily activities.

A single car wrap can generate up to 70,000 impressions per day. Over 80% of people who notice the brand on a utility vehicle remember the advertised product.

Car wrap is the most economical form of advertising. Commercial wraps will not damage the paint under the vinyl wrap as long as the wrap is removed before the materials’ outer life expectancy. Professional installation will be performed by our team of experts and will give an attractive look to your fleet of commercial vehicles, trailers and other heavy equipment.

Car wrapping and lettering

Let your fleet carry your brand image on the roads with your vehicles’ complete or partial wrapping!

Commercial vehicle wrapping and lettering

The wrapping of utility vehicles, pickup trucks or vans is a powerful form of visibility for your business while being profitable for your wallet!

Truck wrapping and lettering

Transform your trucks into billboards that will display your company’s colours on the main roads, and thousands will see potential customers!

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Packaging and Kitting

Let us custom-package your products according to your specifications for each drop point.

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Storage and Inventory Management

Save time and labour by trusting us to manage your inventory.

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Multi-point Distribution

Have your promotional materials delivered to anywhere by our team known for its efficiency.

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